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Embedded Software vs. Embedded System: Let’s Be Specific

Dec 20, 2016


Although embedded systems and embedded software are not new kids on the block, rapid growth in the Internet of Things has recently brought them into the spotlight. If your business has set its products on the path to IoT monetization, these are two terms well worth knowing.


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Software Protection vs. IP Protection: Protect Your Property

Dec 19, 2016


Two terms we often see confused in conversations with our clients are ‘software protection’ and ‘IP protection’. Both are critical components of any software development and monetization strategy, and have a significant impact on your software development ROI.


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Licenses vs. Entitlements: Know Your Rights

Dec 8, 2016


How can you ensure that your company is complying with its contractual obligations around the use of third-party software? Moreover, how can you be sure that those software assets are being properly utilized? It all starts by understanding the fundamental difference between the terms ‘software license’ (or licensing) and ‘entitlement’ (or entitlement management).


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Licenses vs. Keys: What’s in a Name?

Dec 1, 2016


Software licenses and software keys are often confused and sometimes conflated, but in reality, the two are quite different.


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The Difference Between Authorization and Authentication – and Why You Should Care

Nov 27, 2016


When it comes to software licensing, not knowing the difference between authentication and authorization can lead to missed revenue opportunities. In this article, we will attempt to clear up the confusion once and for all.


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Software Monetization 101: A Guide

Nov 7, 2016


We all do it. In the interest of brevity and simplicity, we complicate the business we’re in with impenetrable jargon and acronyms. The confusion often arises when a familiar word is used in an unfamiliar context and given new meaning.


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