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Nov 24

Trimble’s Licensing Evolution

In the 1973 movie Magnum Force, maverick cop Dirty Harry famously said that “A man’s got to know his limitations”. In business, knowing how and where to invest your resources can be the difference between success and failure. Indeed, overextending yourself when you should be focusing on your core competencies can have disastrous consequences for your bottom line if left unchecked.

Sep 10

AppOnChip: Protecting Software with Hardware Keys Just Got Stronger

SafeNet just announced that their Sentinel LDK software protection solution is now the most secure software licensing implementation available with the launch of AppOnChip functionality.  Part of the Sentinel® Envelope file-wrapper technology, AppOnChip allows software developers to go beyond authorizing application usage.  At run time, blocks of the application execute code are triggered on the token, strengthening the requirement of having a physical key and protecting the software from unauthorized usage.   ISVs can quickly and seamlessly enable this enhanced security feature which is provided at no extra cost during this introductory period.

SafeNet’s Software Monetization CTO, Michael Zunke, highlights ease of use for both the ISV and the legitimate end user as one of the many benefits of AppOnChip.  For the additional benefits of this innovative technology, read the full AppOnChip press release or learn more about AppOnChip from the SafeNet website.

May 10

Sentinel LDK Brings SafeNet their 3rd “Best DRM” CODiE in 5 Years

At last night’s All About The Cloud event presented by the Software & Information Industry Association, the team from SafeNet was awarded the Best DRM Solution CODiE award this year for their next generation software monetization solution, Sentinel LDK.  This is the third time in the past 5 years that SafeNet has been awarded this recognition, having previously won in 2012 for Sentinel Cloud and in 2008 for Sentinel HASP.