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Dec 30

Ansgar Dodt

Ansgar Dodt is VP Worldwide Sales for the Software Monetization division at Gemalto and has been with the company since December 2005. Dodt joined the company following Gemalto’s (formerly SafeNet) acquisition of Eracom, where he held the position of managing director on the executive board for four years.


Dodt has a proven track record of successfully managing businesses to meet major growth and profit goals. In his time as MD of Eracom, Dodt successfully positioned the company as a supplier to the smart card industry, doubled global sales in disc and file encryption and quadrupled sales per capita in the EMEA region. Prior to this, he worked as MD at Pari Capital, the former owner of Eracom, and as senior engagement manager for McKinsey, specializing in the high-tech sector.