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Oct 23

Using the IoT to Create Opportunities for Software Monetization – LicensingLive! 2015

We are at a point where it is no longer a stretch to imagine that much of what and who we interact with will be connected to the Internet. But connection is a limited way of looking at the Internet. Think of places, people, things, systems and information sources having activity streams, with historical timelines and delivering services over the Internet (in all of its forms and restricted subsets). In this world, the Internet can be thought of as a combination of an Internet of people, an Internet of information, an Internet of things and Internet of places. The potential for combining all of these things is staggering and the main theme of the internet of everything.

‘Thing manufacturers’ are at the cusp of an opportunity similar to the computer industry of 1980’s…value shift from hardware to software. The ‘Internet of everything’ makes every ‘thing’ manufacturers into a software provider. Discover the trends shaping IoT, monetization opportunities with software, and protecting intellectual property as a differentiator.