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Nov 2

Share Your SaaS! Take our Short Industry Poll.

You’ve finally taken the leap from on-premise and into the cloud with your SaaS offering.  Or maybe, you’ve been thinking about taking your software solution to the cloud in the near future.

We here at LicensingLive want to know what you think about SaaS!

Take the “Share Your SaaS” poll,  and let us know how SaaSy you really are.  We’d like to hear about how you are offering your software product and how the cloud plays a part in your software offering.  The poll will take less than 5 minutes to complete, and we’ll share the results from your peers.

Take the poll now!

Sep 27

Let’s Do It In The Cloud!

We know you’ve been thinking about it.  You’ve been just a little unsure if you’re ready to do it in the cloud.  You might think the cloud is just for the big SaaS players and doing it there is beyond your reach

Aug 24

Moving to the Cloud: Unshackling from the Desktop without Losing Track of Users

As an ISV, moving your application into the Cloud and offering it as a service is no trivial task.  How software is supplied and managed for the desktop is very different than as a service.  The usage and requirements of network connectivity, scaling, authentication and authorization, as examples, are all subtly different from the Enterprise model.

Once you get past the foundation of how to supply your application as a service, you need to solve the additional problems of authorization and utilization; or “Who has access to what?” and “How much are they using?”

Aug 2

SafeNet, Dell Boomi, and the Babel Fish

Ever since software systems have been around, people have been working to connect them together to get added benefit.  Sometimes that leads to large integrated all-in-one systems, sometimes it leads to efforts to standardise API’s and communications protocols and it almost always leads to lots of professional services.

In the cloud though, that’s changing.  One of the most innovative companies I have seen is Boomi (now Dell Boomi).   Their website does a better job of explaining their value proposition, but essentially it translates communications between systems – kind of like the Babel Fish (from HHGTTG), but for software.