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Nonit Sahni

Nonit Sahni is Gemalto’s Technical Product Marketing Manager focusing on product launch management, sales enablement and product content creation for the Software Monetization business unit. Since joining the company in May 2007, he has worked in numerous roles starting with Technical Support to Pre-Sales to Project Management and most recently Product Marketing utilizing the wealth of knowledge he possesses for the company’s Sentinel line of products. He manages the Sentinel Customer Community website, Sentinel technical support blog and the Sentinel Customer Discussion forum.

In his spare time, he enjoys reading about technology and exploring new locations in different parts of the world.

Nonit graduated in May 2006 receiving bachelor’s degree in Computer Science Engineering from ITM University, India.

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Dec 8

Licenses vs. Entitlements: Know Your Rights

How can you ensure that your company is complying with its contractual obligations around the use of third-party software? Moreover, how can you be sure that those software assets are being properly utilized? It all starts by understanding the fundamental difference between the terms ‘software license’ (or licensing) and ‘entitlement’ (or entitlement management).

Nov 7

‘Deciphering Product Management’ Is Coming – Hope to SIIA There!

The next Deciphering Product Management forum is coming up on November 10, 2016 at Red Hat Annex, Raleigh, NC. The event, which is sponsored by Gemalto, will look at product roadmap and go-to-market strategies in the rapidly evolving technology sector. Among the speakers are a number of top executives, all eager to share insights that will help you drive product innovation, streamline product lifecycle, and generate growth.

Oct 21

Hardware Device Vendors Leverage Software to Innovate and Sell Value

There are a number of trends fueling business growth and profit strategies for hardware device vendors. Today, more and more hardware device vendors are transforming their business models from one-time sales transactions to ongoing relationship-based models with recurring revenue streams. Increasingly, device vendors are leveraging the software within their hardware devices to innovate and differentiate their devices in order to gain a competitive edge and grow their businesses.