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Michelle Nerlinger

Director of Marketing, SafeNet Software Monetization

Michelle Nerlinger currently serves as Director of Marketing for the company’s Software Monetization business unit. In this role, Michelle is responsible for leading the team of marketers responsible for defining and communicating product vision, growth strategy, and go to market plans for the company’s award-winning portfolio of Sentinel software licensing, and entitlement management solutions.

Michelle joined SafeNet in December 2004 as a member of the corporate communications team responsible for tactical public and analyst relations worldwide. In January 2007 she joined the company’s Networking & Embedded Business Unit to lead global product marketing efforts for all OEM & DRM product lines.

Michelle graduated with honors from Towson University where she received a dual degree in Marketing and Mass Communications.

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Oct 6

Software Monetization in the Cloud: Stop #2 on the Path to SaaS Profitability — Achieving Product Versatility (Part 3 of 5)

Brace yourself – we are leaving the world of perpetuity and moving into a constant state of evolution! End-users are in the driver seat now and what they want they are going to get – if not from you, then from one of your largest competitors or a small start up that is willing to sell them the services they need, for the price they think is fair. You can have the most sophisticated, feature-rich offering on the market, but if you can’t offer flexible pricing and licensing models you will never reach your maximum potential! So what does it take to be agile?

Aug 30

Software Monetization in the Cloud: Stop #1 on the Path to SaaS Profitability – User Friendly Service Agreement Compliance (Part 2 of 5)

At the highest level, there are two core ways issues with service agreement compliance will end up costing you, the service provider, a significant amount of money:

  1. If your service is being used more than you are getting paid for it – you are losing money (duh)
  2. If you don’t proactively track compliance and have to go back to a customer to request back payment it will cost you. End-user frustration will cause irreversible damage to customer satisfaction (best case) or even lead to the loss of the account (worst case).
Aug 26

Software Monetization in the Cloud (Part 1 of 5)

The software industry is in the midst of a dramatic shift. No software publisher big or small will be left unaffected by enterprise and consumer end-users’ growing preference to consume their software as on-demand services. According to industry-leading analyst firm IDC, by 2010 nearly 65% of new product from established ISVs will be delivered as SaaS services and nearly 85% of net-new software firms coming to market will be built around SaaS service composition and delivery.  As a software publisher, the question you should be asking yourself is not how to avoid the cloud – but how to navigate a migration to the cloud for all or some of your applications as quickly and efficiently as possible. In a recent presentation, Saugatuck Technology’s Mike West made it quite clear that every aspect of an ISV’s business will be impacted by a shift to SaaS, from business planning and management, technology development and operational processes, and even corporate culture.

May 21

Integrated Cloud & On-Prem Licensing – reBlog from Guy Creese

I stumbled across an interesting Gartner blog this morning that features a series of posts “SaaS vs Software” — all very interesting. In one of his more recent posts SaaS vs Software: Their Licensing Needs to be Integrated, Guy Creese (the blog’s sole contributor) begins to explore licensing. He starts by acknowledging that while everyone is talking about the need for a single platform that can run in-house or in the cloud, not a lot has been written about the growing need for a single licensing model as well. Definitely an interesting read, I recommend checking it out!

Mar 31

Simplified Electronic Software Delivery for ISVs and End-users Alike!

Customer experience, revenue protection, and resource optimization is top of mind for all organizations, including software vendors. SafeNet and Akamai have teamed up to provide software vendors with a user-friendly, secure solution for automating electronic software delivery (ESD).

By combining the back office licensing fulfillment and automation features of Sentinel EMS, SafeNet’s web based entitlement management platform, with Akamai’s industry-leading Electronic Software Delivery (ESD) solution, customers are able to improve the end-user software purchasing and activation experience while protecting revenue and reducing internal operating costs.

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