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Kristin Manogue

Product Marketing SRM - SafeNet

Kristin Manogue joined SafeNet‘s SRM product marketing team in February 2010 and brings more than seven years of marketing experience.  She is responsible for keeping SafeNet’s customers informed, updated and satisfied regarding their Sentinel software licensing, and entitlement management solutions.

Her slogan “Creatively putting it into context” encapsulates her philosophy on a marketer’s ability to transform complicated messages, processes and ideas into comprehensive concepts.  Kristin’s perspective is rarely technical.  In fact, Star Wars is about as scientific as she gets!  Her mission: To transform the technical bits into business-related sound bites.

Kristin holds a Masters in Marketing Communications from the University of Westminster in London.

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Jul 11

Key Traffic Systems Penetrate New Markets by Adding Sentinel HASP SL ‘software-based’ Licensing to its Traffic Management Software

Key Traffic Systems Ltd., the UK leader in highway and traffic management software, is also a longtime SafeNet customer. With a large and growing user base, KTS needed the ability to offer hardware or software-based licensing and secure downloads of its software to accommodate changing customer needs as well as appeal to new markets.

While Sentinel HASP HL was providing them robust protection against anti-piracy, they needed to add the flexibility that HASP SL offered.  “We wanted to launch our AutoSTRIPE software into the Australian and New Zealand markets and it was not practical to enter those markets with a hard lock key,” say Chris White, software development manager at KTS.

Simultaneously, a significant portion of the company’s current UK customer base was migrating to servers without USB ports, such as virtualized servers and blade, so hardware dongles were no longer an option.

Read how Sentinel HASP SL was implemented alongside HASP HL to solve all KTS’s business challenges.

May 13

Ensure Maximum Software Profitability with SafeNet Sentinel

As a valued SafeNet Sentinel customer, leveraging your existing software licensing and protection solution is easier than you might think. The SafeNet Sentinel portfolio offers solutions for your on-premise, embedded, and cloud applications:

  • Entitlement management
  • Back-office license operations
  • SaaS monetization
  • Software protection (hard and soft lock)
  • Software licensing
  • Anti-piracy
  • Professional services

Enable new revenue streams, streamline license back-office operations, protect intellectual property against piracy, and monetize Software as a Service (SaaS). Contact today and learn how to improve your software  monetization strategy.

Oct 21

Sick of hearing about social media?

It came from out of nowhere.  One day you woke up and the world was tweeting.  Tweeting, really?  You thought to yourself…”This is one fad that I’m passing on, a tweeter, I’m not.”  You even made a pact not to fall victim to a Facebook page.  As friends and family buzzed about their latest Farmville conquest, you proudly stated the fact that you were a non-conformist.

Oct 7

Software Entitlement Translates into its Own Customer Loyalty Program

Most of us see ‘software entitlement’ and think it’s just a ‘nice to have’ option.  You know what else is ‘nice to have’ and ‘keep’ – customers.  And we all know retaining customers is much more cost-effective than continually having to acquire them.

Just like a customer loyalty program, software entitlement provides data to better understand your customers.  In turn, allowing you to offer customers targeted, high interest, high value packages that are easy to obtain and consume.