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Julie Armstrong

Sr. Product Manager - SafeNet

Julie Armstrong is a Senior Product Manager for SafeNet’s Software Monetization Division. She is responsible for managing product strategy and market positioning of Sentinel EMS, SafeNet’s entitlement management platform. Armstrong has over 20 years of experience working in licensing and entitlement management in both strategic and operational roles.

Prior to SafeNet, she worked for Open Channel Solutions and was responsible for managing the implementation of entitlement management solutions for high-end clients such as Siemens, Ericsson, EMC, Avaya and Symantec.  In addition to her experience in entitlement management, Armstrong has held several operational roles related to software licensing, delivery and support.  Armstrong holds a BA in Math and Economics from Smith College and an MBA from Northeastern University.

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Nov 3

Cloud Licensing for Customer Success

At this year’s LicensingLive! event in Cupertino, CA, I spoke about the importance of Customer Success Programs, what they involve, and what businesses hope to achieve with them. The success of a software company is often measured in terms of how well it engages its customers. After all, a business without an active user base is like a bird without wings – it simply won’t fly.

Apr 15

Application Delivery: Consuming the Right Delivery Model

When implementing business solutions using commercial or third-party solutions, what’s the best software delivery option? Should you look for a solution managed by the application provider? Or do you buy a license and implement it in-house, using your own staff to implement, install, and manage the solution? Of course, the answer is “it depends”. In order to determine what would work best for you, the first step is assessing the options against your priorities as a business. Here are some considerations:

Nov 15

How to Automate Software License Delivery The Right Way

In software licensing automation, there are generally two phases: the automation of the business processes for the software manufacturer, and the automation of the end user processes of activation and deployment.

Phase 1: Automating the Software License Delivery Process

How we get from receiving the order to delivering the software and access to licenses to the end user is what most people consider as the complete license delivery process.  As a part of this phase, the user typically receives a download link to the software and the access codes needed for activation. 

Jul 3

Entitlement Management without Enforcement – What’s the Point?

 Let’s face it – not everything can be enforced. Nor should it be.  Even if we limit the discussion to software, there are scenarios where license enforcement just gets in the way of business. 

Thought you would never hear that from what you thought was a licensing enforcement vendor?  Well, guess what? We are all about monetization, which often times requires enforcement but also requires the ability to entitle a customer and manage their entitlements, track their usage, etc.