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Jennifer Lewis

Sr. Interactive Marketing Manager, SafeNet

Jennifer Lewis brings over 12 years of interactive marketing experience to SafeNet.  Prior to her current role, Jen owned and managed the SRM team’s social media and online marketing strategies.

Jen has completed a number of interactive projects since joining SafeNet in 2008, including creating the company’s first social media strategy and blogs, overseeing the localization of the corporate website multiple languages, and most recently, spearheading the company’s first social media campaign in 2011 titled “Let’s Do It In The Cloud.”

In 2012, Jen authored an article in the inaugural edition of SIIA’s “Marketing in Today’s Economy” focusing on social media and its place in interactive strategy. Jen’s experience in effective online management started before she joined SafeNet while owning her SBA award-winning web design firm.

Because Jen isn’t afraid of a challenge, she’s raising three boys and two dogs and lives in Harford County, Maryland near SafeNet’s headquarters.

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Sep 26

LicensingLive 2013 Presents “The Evolved Software Experience”

Software monetization experts will connect on October 9th and 10th for SafeNet’s annual LicensingLive conference, being held this year in Cupertino, CA.  Now in its 8th year, LicensingLive! has connected software publishers with peers, technology vendors, and industry analysts to discuss the latest software licensing trends, advice, and best practices.  This year’s theme, “The Evolved Software Experience,” focuses on how cloud computing has changed the experience consumers demand from their software, and will help guide how software vendors can provide an improved cloud-comparable experience while maintaining their hybrid portfolios.

Sep 10

AppOnChip: Protecting Software with Hardware Keys Just Got Stronger

SafeNet just announced that their Sentinel LDK software protection solution is now the most secure software licensing implementation available with the launch of AppOnChip functionality.  Part of the Sentinel® Envelope file-wrapper technology, AppOnChip allows software developers to go beyond authorizing application usage.  At run time, blocks of the application execute code are triggered on the token, strengthening the requirement of having a physical key and protecting the software from unauthorized usage.   ISVs can quickly and seamlessly enable this enhanced security feature which is provided at no extra cost during this introductory period.

SafeNet’s Software Monetization CTO, Michael Zunke, highlights ease of use for both the ISV and the legitimate end user as one of the many benefits of AppOnChip.  For the additional benefits of this innovative technology, read the full AppOnChip press release or learn more about AppOnChip from the SafeNet website.

May 10

Sentinel LDK Brings SafeNet their 3rd “Best DRM” CODiE in 5 Years

At last night’s All About The Cloud event presented by the Software & Information Industry Association, the team from SafeNet was awarded the Best DRM Solution CODiE award this year for their next generation software monetization solution, Sentinel LDK.  This is the third time in the past 5 years that SafeNet has been awarded this recognition, having previously won in 2012 for Sentinel Cloud and in 2008 for Sentinel HASP.

Apr 23

Design West: Ready, Set, Get Embedded!

If you’re attending Design West this week, you’re invited to stop by SafeNet’s booth 2331 – we’ve got a lot of great activities and prizes, and also the best embedded licensing demo on the block!

  • Get your heart pumping with our live interactive race car demo, and you can see how embedded licensing is made simple when you have SafeNet in your pit crew.
  • Fill your tank on us! The first 20 visitors to our booth who view the demo will receive a $25 gas gift card to keep your own race car fueled.
  • On Wednesday at 2PM in Room 230A, hear SafeNet’s own Michael “MiZu” Zunke, CTO, Software Monetization, present “The Evolution of Software-Driven Hardware: Best Practices for Efficient, Secure and Profitable Management of Embedded Systems.”
  • Become a kid again – all attendees can enter at the booth to win a great remote control Porche 911 car.
  • From 4-5 PM, cool down with our in-booth “Pit Stop” – come have a drink with us!
Mar 11

Software Piracy: Why Duct Tape is Not the Solution

In a recent study by the Business Software Alliance, the UK is the latest to throw a spotlight on the problem of software piracy. According to the study, 52% of small businesses in the UK have either bought or downloaded illegal software. In fact, the BSA now estimates that over half of all software in use by small and medium businesses in the UK is illegal.

That’s a shocking statistic – one driven according to the BSA by a combination of the current economic climate and a degree of ignorance towards how counterfeit goods propagate in the market. And we know from other studies, most notably the BSA’s 2011 Piracy report, that the situation in many other countries is significantly worse.

As pirates continue to attack, we are forced to spend cycle times of effort patching and plugging our code to defend against those that might steal it. With every cycle that passes, software pirates become more sophisticated, their vectors of attack harder to spot and defend against, with the skills required to do so ever more specialized and scarce.  Are you prepared, or are you fixing your software piracy problems with duct tape?

Jan 3

Taking Software Monetization to the Next Level in 2013

Way, way back in the long forgotten days of 2012, the software industry learned about a new concept called software monetization and quickly became intrigued.  Software companies now had a fresh approach to revenue generation, imagining the pure excitement of accounting departments everywhere.  After all, we’re talking about taking a software solution that’s already been developed in some cases, and making it more efficient, secure, effective, and profitable.  Analyst firms likewise evolved their position on traditional software licensing models to take this more holistic and synergistic approach to software business operations, and just like that, software monetization was born.

Oct 25

Announcing Our Peace, Love, and Licensing Winners!

We had a groovy time here at LicensingLive! during September celebrating the 60’s during our Peace, Love and Licensing campaign.

We had an overwhelming response to registrations for our RSS feed.  From our entries, we drew random winners on October 15th.

Our grand prize winner of a $500 gift card and prize pack went to Mark Albonesi from Aspect.  Congratulations Mark!

Two additional entries were drawn and were each sent a prize pack and Peace, Love and Licensing tee shirt.  Those winners were: Joe Muldoon from Stromasys, and Michael Garrett from HTRI.

I’d like to thank everyone who participated in this contest, and I hope you had as much fun as we did taking a trip back to the 60’s generation.

Oct 15

Software Monetization Best Practices Featured at LicensingLive!

LicensingLive, the software industry’s premier licensing and software monetization event, was held last week in Cupertino.  Now in its 5th year, this two-day licensing event was bigger and better than ever before, featuring prominent speakers from various industries all coming together to share their experience and expertise about software monetization with LicensingLive’s nearly 100 attendees.