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Aurelius Wosylus

Director, Business Development, Software Monetization - SafeNet

Aurelius Wosylus currently serves as the Director of Business Development for the Embedded Market at SafeNet. Aurelius has over 15 years in various embedded markets including, telecommunications, automotive, medical and more.

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Aug 26

Embedded Systems – Shifting Focus to Software

The embedded market is currently in a state of change. In the past, embedded system vendors sold systems based on a hardware sales approach with a simple one time sale for the product. IP protection was seldom required as the systems were hard to copy and hack.  Today, the various functionalities in embedded systems are more and more realized in software. There are many reasons for this movement toward software driven features which result in reduced time to market, production outsourcing, dealing with the lack of engineering resources, handling connected devices, preparing for the Internet of Things ( IoT) to name just a few.