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Ariella Shoham

Senior Director Marketing for the Software Monetization division at Gemalto

Ariella Shoham is the Senior Director of Marketing for the Software Monetization division at Gemalto. In this position Ariella leads a marketing team responsible for developing and executing a clearly defined marketing, communications and demand generation strategy in a manner that supports the consistent business growth and enhances brand equity and awareness for the company’s award-winning portfolio of Sentinel software licensing, and entitlement management solutions.

Ariella joined Gemalto (formerly SafeNet) in 2009 as the EMEA Field Marketing lead and then continued to lead the Global Field Marketing team in 2012, where she played a key role in creating market awareness and customer education during the launch of Gemalto’s Key strategic initiatives including Sentinel Cloud Services, Gemalto’s first cloud licensing offering and Sentinel Embedded Software Monetization Solutions – the only solution designed specifically for high tech device and equipment manufacturers.

Prior to Gemalto, Ariella held marketing leadership positions at various IT companies including IXI, Electronics line and Advanced Recognition Technologies. Ariella holds a Bachelor Degree in East Asian Studies from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and a Masters in Business from the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya.

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Mar 13

Six Reasons Why Customer Satisfaction Drives Better Results

Enterprises are increasing direct customer interaction with the companies, vendors and partners with whom they do business, which is placing more importance on delivering a better customer experience (CX). These enterprises have learned that customer experience and satisfaction is a differentiation that is no longer limited to B2C companies.

Sep 27

Monetizing Innovation: How Smart Companies Design the Product Around the Price

LicensingLive, the only event dedicated to software monetization strategies for ISVs and hardware manufacturers, is right around the corner. The theme of this year’s event is next-generation monetization strategies for embracing the NOW economy. One presentation I’m particularly looking forward to is by leading pricing and monetization expert Madhavan Ramanujam of Simon-Kucher & Partners.

Aug 11

Mining the Gold in the IoT

Much has been written extolling the virtues of the Internet of Things (IoT), which is perhaps the most hyped connected environment since the Internet itself. We are already aware that the software embedded in intelligent devices, as well as the data shared between those devices, is becoming an increasingly valuable commodity. While technologists across the board are seeing the inherent benefits in developing innovative new products and services for the IoT, relatively little is known about the actual money-making aspect. Along with the need to protect intellectual property (IP) against hackers – a particular concern in cloud-connected environments – software monetization is the biggest challenge facing players in the IoT.

Mar 18

Running Monetization

Running Monetization? Let me explain.

My professional life is focused on software monetization; providing software companies with solutions to further monetize on their software offering. In my personal life, my hobby is running. I’m the traditional ISV of running. I started in primary school when I realized that I was born with a Unique Selling Proposition: endurance. While others would collapse on the sidewalk trying to release a side cramp, I just endured and came first.