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Alexandra Lating is a marketing specialist focusing on product and partner marketing for SafeNet.  In her previous role supporting the SRM Product Marketing team, she was actively involved in campaign development and collateral creation. Alex graduated in May 2012 receiving departmental honors from Washington College with her degree in Business Management.

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Mar 13

The Importance of Integration: Solving the Back Office Puzzle

When I think of the word “integrate” there is a clear visual that comes to mind: two things fitting together and becoming something new. Fun fact about me:  I love puzzles. My family and I spend many a weekend hour huddled around our puzzle table (yes, there is an entire table of the house dedicated to puzzles). We even have an upcoming Ask the Expert session on this topic titled “Integration Done Right – Using the Sentinel API’s,” which made me realize just how similar putting a puzzle together is to integrating your ERP and CRM systems.

Jun 26

Hardware Keys: The “Old Reliable” of Software Licensing

In today’s day and age, we are always just around the corner from the latest technological breakthrough. Just look at the innovation that software licensing has undergone in the past ten years, and you’ll see how far we’ve come.

With all of the talk about hybrid software protection, the cloud… it is so easy to forget about the many benefits of the timeless hardware key. I’d like to take just a moment to pay homage to the ‘classic, iconic’ dongle and how VSM Software Ltd., the leading provider of software to SVP Worldwide (Singer Husqvarna and Pfaff), is using Sentinel HASP HL to address all of their licensing needs.

May 29

INEA Achieves Global Licensing Efficiency in Virtualized Environments

INEA is the leading company in the field of industrial automation, process computer control and manufacturing informatics in Slovenia. However, as the company grew globally, they discovered that their homegrown licensing system just couldn’t cut it.

The more that they grew, the more they realized that they needed a new way to support their licensing.  INEA began to look into licensing in virtualized environments, and found that it was the best solution for them. Not only would virtualized environments allow them to easily support their global clients licensing needs, but it would also allow them to remotely update licenses all over their world. In addition, licensing in virtualized environments cut costs, eliminating the need to purchase physical machines.

INEA knew that the move into virtualized environments would bring about additional security threats, and looked for a solution that would protect their high-value software. “After evaluating several vendors, we found SafeNet to have the most reliable solution within virtualized environments, while possessing the greatest number of features.”

Read more about INEA’s move into virtualized environments, and how SafeNet Sentinel HASP SL was there every step of the way.

Apr 24

How Sage Software Cured Their Acquisition Headache

Acquisitions are good, right? Sure they help your company grow, but what other baggage do they bring? Obviously, you will gladly expand your customer base and available resources. But what are you going to do about an inherited homegrown licensing system that is completely incompatible with yours? Read how one company expanded, without the additional headache of managing disparate licensing systems.

Sage is an international business software, services and support company working primarily with small and medium sized businesses. Throughout the years, acquiring other companies has allowed Sage to continue to expand globally. However, these acquisitions also led to multiple homegrown licensing systems that did not work cohesively.

Mar 19

When someone steals your hardware, you know that it’s missing. When someone is stealing your intellectual property, you may never know.

For high-tech equipment manufacturers, times are changing.  It is clear that the inevitable process has begun, hardware is being commoditized and, moving forward, business will be based more and more on software.  Are you ready?

Iritech is a global manufacturer in the biometric authentication equipment and software industry.  As one of only two manufacturers of both the biometric equipment and the identity matching software, Iritech knew right away that preventing reverse-engineering of its identity matching software would be an integral part of its business plan to maintain its unique position in the biometrics market.

Mar 1

5 Ways that an Entitlement Management System Can Help Your Company Work Smarter, Not Harder

As your company continues to grow, you may find that you have acquired a varied collection of licensing systems.  Each product line has its own registration process, and its own set of problems. This may be manageable for awhile, but eventually multiple product lines affect almost every department within your company, and the repercussions are reaching your customers. A disparate licensing system can hinder internal communication and wipe out resources.  Your staff is no longer focusing on your core competencies, but rather spending all of their time on your licensing system.

With an entitlement management system, streamline your back office and create one cohesive licensing system to maintain. Here are the 5 ways that an entitlement management system can help you empower your employees to work smarter, not harder.

Feb 21

Frost and Sullivan Presents the 2011 Global Product Line Strategy Award in Software License Management to SafeNet

Each year, Frost & Sullivan conducts intensive best practices research to determine how best-in-class companies worldwide manage growth, innovation and leadership.  By analyzing each company’s performance and comparing it to its top competitors, they assign performance ratings.  Frost & Sullivan also looks at the key industry challenges that can be addressed by product line strategy.  An effective product line strategy for the software license management industry has to not only accommodate new business models, but also readily support new deployment options, new platforms, and new product architecture.

SafeNet trumped its competitors in five key areas: breadth of product line, size of addressable customer base, impact on customer value, impact on market share, and breadth of applications and markets served.  SafeNet’s Sentinel suite of products, including Sentinel HASP, Sentinel RMS, Sentinel EMS and Sentinel Cloud, provides its customers with a one-stop licensing experience that fully addresses a variety of use cases, platforms, business models and deployment scenarios.