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3 Posts for May 2013

May 30

Executives to Product Managers: “Show me the Money!”

I can tell you with first-hand experience that being a product manager is a tricky and thankless role!  On paper, your task is to understand customer needs and translate them into product requirements. You must then work closely with your R&D team to realize those requirements into a product that hits the market at the right time and at the right price.

Sounds simple, right? The reality is that its way more complex than that, with a myriad of decisions and trade-offs to make along the way.  Product managers have to  react to the realities of what is possible in the time and budget available, and constantly adapt to changing market conditions and competitive moves.

May 16

Adobe’s Move to the Cloud and the Lack of Choice

Recently, Adobe announced that it is moving the Creative Suite (which includes Photoshop and other graphic design applications) to Cloud-based licensing. The company will no longer distribute boxed versions with perpetual licenses. This move demonstrates a growing transition to Cloud-based subscription licensing, which SafeNet pioneered in 2010 with the introduction of the first Cloud-based software licensing service – Sentinel Cloud.

Adobe is positioning this announcement as very beneficial to its users, providing the customer with immediate access to the latest features and upgrades, enhanced collaboration, cloud based storage, and more.

May 10

Sentinel LDK Brings SafeNet their 3rd “Best DRM” CODiE in 5 Years

At last night’s All About The Cloud event presented by the Software & Information Industry Association, the team from SafeNet was awarded the Best DRM Solution CODiE award this year for their next generation software monetization solution, Sentinel LDK.  This is the third time in the past 5 years that SafeNet has been awarded this recognition, having previously won in 2012 for Sentinel Cloud and in 2008 for Sentinel HASP.