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3 Posts for January 2013

Jan 29

Do your end users struggle with transferring software licenses between computers?

One of the most apparent advantages of hardware keys for software licensing over traditional software-based solutions is the ease of transferring a key, with its contained licenses, from one computer to another.

To prevent the use of illegal software copies, licensing systems typically use a mechanism called a ”fingerprint”, which holds unique hardware identifiers of the end-user’s computer hardware. The fingerprint is used to ensure that licenses bound to one computer cannot enable the software on another, or worse – on multiple computers.

Jan 9

The “Reset” Button

What is so magical about the clock ticking over from December 31st to January 1st? What really changes? Your business doesn’t. Your customers don’t. Your action items roll over (unfortunately).  But yet, for most corporations, there is one magical change that happens on January 1: your goals, financial or otherwise, reset! Yes, out with the old, in with the new, just like that.  Like magic, starting every January 1st, you get the opportunity to be measured differently, to convince your boss why the bad things from last year can be forgotten, and to build on the good things that happened.

I’ve noticed several economic and industry trends heading into the new year, and each one presents unique opportunities for all of us.  These trends will greatly influence the software industry in 2013, and as such, we all should consider how they integrate to our goals: 

Jan 3

Taking Software Monetization to the Next Level in 2013

Way, way back in the long forgotten days of 2012, the software industry learned about a new concept called software monetization and quickly became intrigued.  Software companies now had a fresh approach to revenue generation, imagining the pure excitement of accounting departments everywhere.  After all, we’re talking about taking a software solution that’s already been developed in some cases, and making it more efficient, secure, effective, and profitable.  Analyst firms likewise evolved their position on traditional software licensing models to take this more holistic and synergistic approach to software business operations, and just like that, software monetization was born.