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Mar 21

How to Architect Your SaaS Application

Architecting applications for the cloud has changed traditional software development considerations.  Many software companies simply are not sure how to do it.  At SafeNet, we’ve had some experience with architecting and developing our own cloud application, SentinelCloud, a service offering which supports software licensing for cloud and SaaS applications.

Michael “MiZu” Zunke, the CTO of our SRM division, provided some insight into our process and experience building our cloud application after finding this post about designing and architecting cloud apps, and explains what we learned by it.  His comments highlight the journey we took over 2 ½ years in developing SentinelCloud explains some of the key challenges we faced and how we overcame them.

Feel free to share your lessons learned with our LicensingLive community.  What were your top challenges in architecting your cloud solution?

  • Stuart Farr

    Interested in licensing solutions suitable for software hosted on Amazon S3

    • Jake Fox

      Hi Stuart,

      Thanks for your comment. Our Sentinel Cloud solution is specifically for software delivered via cloud environments such as Amazon. If you would like more information or to sign up for a free trial please visit