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7 Posts for November 2011

Nov 18

Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA)

HR 3261, or the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) is currently being considered in the US congress.  Like most legislation that deals with the Internet, it comes with a certain amount of controversy.

At its heart, the bill is designed to help prevent the illegal distribution of intellectual property – music, movies, software, books, periodicals and so on.  Even today the notion of copying media is still somehow not perceived as stealing by many people.  While walking in to a bookstore or music store and taking something without paying for it is clearly understood to be stealing, many people don’t consider the download of the same material to be illegal.  It is.  Regardless of the legality – when people stop to think about it – they realize that it is morally wrong.

Nov 8

In Licensing, The Best Defense is a Great Offense

Diehard baseball fans like me have found ourselves at the end of one of the best seasons Major League Baseball has had in years.  What truly distinguished this season is that the old adage of “defense wins titles” didn’t quite pan out. Instead, we got to see teams with ordinary starting pitching somehow make it to the championship games.

Focusing on offense over defense seems to be the trend lately in the software world too.

Nov 4

SafeNet voyages further into the cloud with Amazon and Dell Boomi partnerships

We’re cloud-bound and moving full steam ahead!  Earlier this year, we transitioned from Beta and announced the general release of our Sentinel Cloud Services. Since then, our focus has been devoted toward customer evaluations and updates for upcoming releases.

Now, our cloud momentum increases as we forge partnerships with Amazon and Dell Boomi! See how these collaborations can get you up and running in the cloud even faster:

Nov 4

Building Your License Enforcement Business Case

This is a multi-part blog where we’ll look at the business case around a license enforcement system from many different angles.  This article will begin the discussion surrounding the initial business case for initiating a license enforcement project. Follow-on blogs will focus on measuring the return on the investment of a licensing system after implementation.

Nov 3

Let’s Do it in the Cloud – SafeNet brings together the Behemoths in Cloud Software Monetization for a 5-part webinar series

Gain access to key executives at companies that are helping vendors succeed in the cloud as we speak! Agilis Solutions, Dell Boomi, IDC, SafeNet, THINKStrategies, and Zuora – will help you figure out how to make it work in the cloud – effectively and profitably.

The Software Industry and the Cloud – aired Oct. 20th, view on-demand version

Integration: Accelerating Cloud Adoption – aired Oct. 27th, view on-demand version

Migration from On-Prem to Cloud Made Easy – Nov. 3rd, view on-demand version

Pricing, Packaging & Monetization in the Cloud – Nov. 10th

Doing SaaS Right – An Industry Panel – Nov. 17th

Don’t pass up the chance to walk away with an arsenal of tips, tools, and best practices for building, deploying, and maintaining a profitable and operationally efficient cloud service offering.

Register today!

Nov 3

Because the Most Secure Dongle is the One You Don’t Even See

Introducing Sentinel HASP HL MaxMicro, the smallest hardware-based protection key that once installed, protrudes only by 7.6mm/0.3’’ making it virtually invisible.  It contains the same robust protection as our traditional Sentinel HASP key; however dramatically decreases the possibility of an accidental or deliberate break.

Just think of all the ways your organization can benefit from the new MaxMicro!

  • Safe in environments where products are fully exposed 
  • Perfect protection for notebooks, embedded systems and medical devices, where key is stationary
  • Securely permits remote updates

Request your complimentary sample kit today!

Nov 2

Share Your SaaS! Take our Short Industry Poll.

You’ve finally taken the leap from on-premise and into the cloud with your SaaS offering.  Or maybe, you’ve been thinking about taking your software solution to the cloud in the near future.

We here at LicensingLive want to know what you think about SaaS!

Take the “Share Your SaaS” poll,  and let us know how SaaSy you really are.  We’d like to hear about how you are offering your software product and how the cloud plays a part in your software offering.  The poll will take less than 5 minutes to complete, and we’ll share the results from your peers.

Take the poll now!