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4 Posts for September 2011

Sep 27

Let’s Do It In The Cloud!

We know you’ve been thinking about it.  You’ve been just a little unsure if you’re ready to do it in the cloud.  You might think the cloud is just for the big SaaS players and doing it there is beyond your reach

Sep 13

No Version? No Problem.

Does the following story sound familiar?

“Hello, it’s Steve in Product Management.”

“Hi Steve, it’s Ian in Sales.  I’m looking at the price book and there’s a different license part number for every version of the product. I see dozens of them.  My customer wants to use various versions of the product across teams.  Can I just put the latest version on the quote and tell them they can use the licenses with older versions too?”

“I’m not sure. You will have to ask Legal.”

“I need to get this quote out now. Why is it like this?”

“I’m not sure about that either. You’ll have to ask Operations.”

Including product versions as attributes of your license part numbers may seem like the obvious right thing to do.  In many cases it works perfectly well. But before going down that path, you should think through a few factors.

Sep 12

How Wobbly is your Business?

Here is a term that has made it into our vocabulary a bit too much lately – “wobbly”. Suddenly everything is wobbly – our economy, stock market, jobs market.  The obvious connotation is “uncertainty” but wobbly has also become a cop-out term for not knowing where something is headed. It is a sign of times we are in – or so it feels. Uncertainty in economy leads to uncertainty everywhere else.

My advice – something I try to follow rigorously at work and and personally  – when you are surrounded by uncertainty, do the opposite – be decisive. This is especially true for high tech companies.