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Jun 28

Show Me the Money! Revenue Recognition Best Practices (Part 1 of 2)

I bet that made your ears perk up a bit, didn’t it?

Your CFO probably has the same type of reaction when the topic of revenue recognition rears its head. After all, it is one of the most critical elements in your business’ machinery.

Customers frequently ask me about the impact license enforcement and license key delivery can have on a company’s ability to recognize revenue.  This indeed can be a touchy subject, so I should start by making a few foundational statements.

I will not suggest how your company should manage revenue recognition nor do I intend claim the revenue recognition practices are acceptable or VSOE compliant.  Your company’s finance team should be the ultimate authority as to what is acceptable for your business.   I encourage any business considering license enforcement to ensure your CFO is will deeply engaged in your license delivery processes.

I will, however, discuss a number of revenue recognition techniques and best practices that I have seen used by multiple successful companies with revenues over a half billion per year. 

Jun 23

Adobe Leverages Usage Tracking Reports to Optimize Roadmap Investment

Yesterday Adobe announced the end of Adobe Air for Linux platforms.  The ability to collect and track the application led to the decision by Adobe to drop it.  Simply – they knew from downloads, updates and the internet connectivity of the application how popular the version was as a percentage of all platforms.  They also decided to use those resources to drive development in a different direction.  This kind of data, extended even into the application itself, can drive decisions based on empirical evidence and not emotion.  Deprecating features in order to devote resources in areas that delight, excite and motivate your customers is a critical aspect of a highly successful and competitive software business. #sentinelcloud

Jun 14

Entitlements vs. Licenses: Setting the Record Straight

“What’s an Entitlement?

In recent meetings with leading technology firms, this very question has surfaced several times.  It’s both interesting and intriguing to watch the interplay of definitional debate amongst functional users with vastly different hopes of what “entitlement” could mean.

Perhaps the most universal insight was this

The practical application for how one can use entitlements to enable business processes and new customer experiences was often the most overlooked aspect of the debate. 

Jun 8

Sentinel Cloud – the Evaluation Experience

The SentinelCloud team has been working hard to build and launch the latest addition to SafeNet’s family of Sentinel Software Monetization Solutions,  Sentinel Cloud Services.  While the service successfully made the transition from Beta to GA earlier this year, the team remains hard at work focused on customer evaluations and getting new customers up to speed, while at the same time planning and developing the roll out of new functionality over our quarterly release schedule.

Getting back to our interactions with customers … feedback has been nearly universally positive.  We have heard from customers of all types and sizes. .  Sentinel Cloud has appealed to  SaaS startups, transitioning on-premise software vendors,  and equipment manufacturers large and small. I would like to highlight one prospect who has completed their evaluation of Sentinel Cloud.

Jun 6

Customer Intimacy Will Drive Old School Licensing to the Cloud

“It works, but it is old school”. That is how I’ve heard many business leaders describe their longstanding licensing implementations lately.   So what is next for this space?  As a long time software licensing business and implementation consultant I have the opportunity work with some of the industry’s leading minds in this area and can confidently say that I have seen the future of software license enforcement and it revolves around, you guessed it, the cloud.