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3 Posts for January 2011

Jan 25

What are you going to do as the market landscape changes?

What are you going to do as the market landscape changes?  I pose this question to many of the ISVs I talk to when the topic of ‘software as a service’ comes up.  This very question is one that my team and I here at SafeNet have thought about for a couple of years.  It started off as a what-if, eventually morphing into a when; thinking was replaced with researching, defining, building and testing.

Jan 24

The New York Time on Software Piracy in China

In the past we have discussed how many of our customers are interested in fighting piracy in developing nations. Hard data is always a challenge. The New York Times posted a great article yesterday that looked at through a rather unique and powerful view. Hardware is much harder to “pirate” than software. In general, the two are also often sold together. While virtual machines may over time change the ratios in general it’s a safe bet to assume predictable ratios between a countries hardware and software purchases. An increase in one should result in an increase in the other.

Click here to read the article on their site as it delves deeper into this area.