LicensingLive! 2016

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Join us for LicensingLive! 2016 – The only event focusing on software monetization strategies for ISV’s and Hardware Manufacturers! LicensingLive! 2016 is taking place on November 1st – 3rd, 2016 in Cupertino, CA at the Juniper Hotel (formerly The Cypress Hotel).

The theme this year is “Next Generation Monetization Strategies for Embracing the NOW Economy”.  Learn from real life case studies, software executives, product managers, analysts, software developers and industry experts about the top things you can do today to future proof your business.  At the same time, engage in conversations and share your ideas.

Come and engage!  Register today to guarantee your seat! Space is limited! If you have any questions, please email

This year’s event will feature a mobile app to support even more engagement! All that’s necessary to take advantage of this added functionality is to search “ConnexMe” in your app store or download the app directly from the Apple Store / Google Play. Once you login in, enter the event code: LICENSINGLIVE2016. You will then be able to:

  • Interact with speakers and respond to polls
  • Schedule meetings
  • View the agenda
  • Take notes
  • And more!

For any questions on the app, please contact

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Event topics 

Monetizing the IoT - Show Me the Money – LicensingLive! 2016

LicensingLive! 2016

Chris Kocher
Founder and Managing Director, Grey Heron

Innovative Software Demands Innovating Licensing - Connected Cloud and Beyond - LicensingLive! 2016

LicensingLive! 2016

Jeff Kaplan
Managing Director, THINKstrategies

How to Score Your Licensing Readiness - LicensingLive! 2016

LicensingLive! 2016

Jam Khan
Vice President of Professional Services for the Software Monetization division at Gemalto

Entitlement Management Through the Channel - LicensingLive! 2016

LicensingLive! 2016

Dave DiMillo
Principal Consultant for the Software Monetization division at Gemalto

Embracing Change - The Shift from Making Products to Selling Value - LicensingLive! 2016

LicensingLive! 2016

Shlomo Weiss
Senior Vice President, Software Monetization, Gemalto

Don't Leave Money on the Table - Entitlement Management - LicensingLive! 2016

LicensingLive! 2016

Avni Rambhia
Industry Principal, Digital Transformation, Frost & Sullivan

Delivering Software Driven Value - LicensingLive! 2016

LicensingLive! 2016

Amy Konary
Research Vice President, Software Licensing and Mobile Enterprise Applications, IDC

Customer Driven Operational Efficiency - LicensingLive! 2016

LicensingLive! 2016

Vickie White
Director of Virtual Products, Gemalto

Creating Value in the IoT - LicensingLive! 2016

LicensingLive! 2016

Todd Steel
Director, Product Management in the Software Monetization division at Gemalto

5 Things to Avoid When Securing Your Licensing - LicensingLive! 2016

LicensingLive! 2016

Michael 'Mizu' Zunke
CTO - Software Monetization, Gemalto

Crossing the Licensing Chasm – LicensingLive! 2016

LicensingLive! 2016

Joshua Bloom
Partner, Simon-Kucher & Partners